Property Committee

Agenda Items for 2019

The following items are on the agenda for the Church Property Committee for this new year.  The planning and work details of these items are already underway! Keep an eye-out for the work as it unfolds!

Columbarium Repair:  The Columbarium repair project is now complete with the addition of a beautiful copper cap.  This copper cap was added to preserve and to protect the columbarium wall and its contents from the elements and add beauty to the structure. This lovely repair could not have been completed without the work and effort of Charlie Easton.  A memorial plaque will soon be added to the back of the wall, “To the Glory of God and in loving memory of Charlie and Rosemary Easton”.  Completed

Paving the Parking Lot: The parking lot is in very poor condition and must be re-paved.  We can no longer patch or fill-in the troubled spots. Plans are underway to re-pave the Parking lot  this summer. Completed

Cleaning the Sanctuary: The Sanctuary is well overdue for a good spring cleaning. But first, the dust and dirt that have been collecting over the many years high-up on the beams and cross-bars needs to be blown down and then a through cleaning can then take place. The plan is to clean the Sanctuary this summer. Stay tuned for specific dates. High beam cleaning completed

Hancock Memorial: A committee (Cindy Bostic, Mack Harris, & Pat Nelson) has been in place since the Fall. A proper memorial has been selected and commissioned.  We hope to have a dedication in the Fall of 2019. Will be installed in the Spring of 2020

Sidewalk Repair: There are several places on the property where the sidewalks are breaking away and are uneven. Research and conversation about next steps are underway.  Repaired

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