St. Stephen’s Endowment Fund

The most important plans we make in life concern the welfare of others, particularly our families.  We thoughtfully consider what the future may hold and take appropriate action to provide for them.  In 2011, St. Stephen’s Vestry did just this with the unanimous approval of the “Endowment Fund” of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, one of the three goals that resulted from the 2009 Long-Range planning process.  This is a wonderful vehicle that allows us to include the church in our estate planning and therefore consider the future.  As Christians, we are called to plan for the future of our church – our spiritual family, and this is what St. Stephen’s is doing through a reliable source of income to the parish for generations to come.  As stated in our enabling resolution, “Distributions from the FUND shall be used for the preservation of the PARISH real property.  BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the distributions from the FUND shall not be made to the operating budget of the PARISH except to fulfill the purposes described above.”  There are folks in our congregation who have set the stage and foundation for a successful St. Stephen’s endowment, by making a significant gift to the fund through a Charitable Remainder Trust or by other means.  Their incredible generosity and, most of all, love for St. Stephen’s and its mission are truly examples of “legacy stewardship”.  There may be others who have done the same but have not communicated their intention to the church.  If so, we hope they will, as they should also be recognized. 

The Robert and Elizabeth Kyle Society

Robert and Elizabeth Kyle were “founding spirits” of St. Stephen’s, beginning in the 1820’s – their story inspires us, their portraits hang in the Parlor, and they are both buried in the churchyard.  In the spirit of this generosity, the Endowment Board would like to encourage others to consider this parish in their own planning.  A gift to the “Endowment Fund” of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church is a lasting presence and legacy.  The Fund has a unique purpose in the life of our church – to empower our parish beyond what is possible through annual operating funds.  The “Endowment Fund” is not simply a hedge against future uncertainties.  It is a commitment to provide our future parishioners with the means to minister as we have been so blessed to do.

Robert Kyle
Elizabeth Kyle
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