As people of faith, we understand that whatever gifts of time, talent, or treasure we have to offer are really gifts entrusted to us by God to share with God’s people.  St. Stephen’s has many giving opportunities, not the least of which is support of the annual budget. Just as it would be difficult to run one’s household without knowing what income to expect, it is impossible to run the church’s business and support its ministries without knowing what gifts we will receive toward the operating budget. Signed pledge cards give us the knowledge to make wiser decisions.  We have special projects and outreach ministries that are not part of the budgeting process. Many of these give individuals the chance to give in an area that is particularly meaningful to them.  There is also a General Memorial Fund which enables people to make a gift in memory of a loved one or friend that will help meet a future need at St. Stephen’s, such as the recent replacement of our pew prayer books.  We encourage parishioners to remember St. Stephen’s in their estate planning. There are many different ways to make the church a beneficiary. If you have interest in discussing any of these opportunities, please contact the Church Office.

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