The 2nd Annual Simons Lecture Series

On the evening of May 4th, St. Stephen’s will present the annual Simons Lecture Series. It will be an elegant event with a ticketed dinner. Our guest will be David Crabtree. David is the head Anchor at WRAL-TV.

He has covered numerous stories and documentaries over many years, receiving 13 Emmys and the prestigious DuPont Award. He is also an ordained Episcopal Deacon in the Church, and currently serves on the staff at St. Michael’s, Raleigh.

The subject of the evening is “Ethical Decision-Making”. Our parish and the surrounding community are invited to attend. Tickets are limited, and are $50.00 per person. All proceeds will benefit the greater mission of the church.

The Simons Lecture Series is a ministry of this church which remembers the legacy and gifts of the Rev. Harrison Simons, the longest serving rector at St. Stephen’s. Harrison’s passion for the bookstore ministry and his community involvement are the foundation for this ministry. The vision is that once a year, St. Stephen’s will offer an event featuring an inspiring, thought-provoking speaker. The ministry is rooted in the celebration of and obligation to our faith, church, and the wider community we live-in and serve. We want each of these three aspects of life to grow and strengthen.

Please come and support this lecture series as it continues to unfold!

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Episcopal Church in Oxford, North Carolina

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