The Seasons of Our Common Life

By the Rev. Dr. Lorraine Ljunggren July Newsletter (Download) When I stop to think about it, December 1st of 2019 seems as if it was only yesterday.  That day marked the beginning of our time together as priest and parish – as priest and community of God’s people here at St. Stephen’s in Oxford. YouContinue reading “The Seasons of Our Common Life”

Embodying Faith in Changing Times

This edition of our newsletter contains a very meaningful offering from the young people of St. Stephen’s.  They are sharing with us how living in the midst of our current stay-at-home order has shaped, and continues to shape, their journeys of faith.  Thank you sincerely, to our youth.  Our prayers continue to surround them andContinue reading “Embodying Faith in Changing Times”

An Awareness We Are in this Life Together: Pandemics Can Do That

We are well aware we are living, breathing creatures.  Sometimes wemay take for granted life and breath.  But, there is something about a world-wide crisis that brings us up short, gets our attention in ways of which we may be unaware on most ‘ordinary days.’ These are not ‘ordinary days.’  While we may be rushingContinue reading “An Awareness We Are in this Life Together: Pandemics Can Do That”

St. Stephen’s Calls Interim Rector

Please welcome the Rev. Dr. Lorraine Ljunggren (LUN gren) as our Interim Rector.  Her first Sunday at St. Stephen’s will be Advent 1, December 1st.  We’ll have lunch after the 10:30 service to greet & welcome Rev. Lorraine. Your Vestry was unanimous in issuing this call.  We are fortunate to have someone with Rev. Lorraine’sContinue reading “St. Stephen’s Calls Interim Rector”