The Five Inclusive Team-Ministries of the Vestry

As we travel a little farther into 2019 and begin the month of February, I would like to highlight the organizational structure of the Vestry and our year ahead.  We had a great Vestry Retreat on Saturday, January 12th in the Parish Hall.  The Wardens were confirmed and we were off to a great start in our planning.  St. Stephen’s has been blessed with wonderful wardens over the years, and now John Coplin and Cindy Bostic are already carrying-on the great legacy.

At the retreat, John led us in the identification of key agenda items for this year.  And these various items fall under The Five Inclusive Team-Ministries of the Vestry.  Each month you can see a page or two dedicated to each ministry in the newsletter, including the names of the Vestry Committee members.

These five main areas of ministry are:  Church Life, Outreach, Pastoral In-reach, Worship & Welcome, and the Property Committee.  Some of the agenda items (new and on-going) to be completed this year can be found on the last page (pg. 14) of this newsletter.  I think you will agree these are well-needed.  Your vestry, alongside the leadership of the wardens and myself, will get the job done.  But!  And I mean a big but… we need all of you to help us make these things happen! 

As the Body of Christ in the Oxford community it takes us all do get it done, and the Vestry members and church office can’t do this alone.  Please pay attention each month to the reports, updates, and upcoming events under each section of the Messenger.  In addition, during various gatherings throughout the year you will be hearing directly from the Vestry Committee members about the progress of each ministry and ways in which each of you can be a part of it all.  May this year be a continued blessing as we follow Jesus in our church and into the community! 

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