The 3rd Annual Simons Lecture Series – A Big Success!

On the evening of May 2nd, St. Stephen’s presented the 3rd Annual Simons Lecture Series.  It was an elegant event with a ticketed dinner, catered by Strong Arm Baking Company.  Our guest was Luke Bretherton, Ph.D.  Dr. Bretherton is professor of theological ethics and senior fellow of the Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke University. Before joining the Duke faculty, he was reader in Theology & Politics and convener of the Faith & Public Policy Forum at King’s College, London. He has worked with a variety of faith-based NGOs, mission agencies, and churches around the world, particularly in Central and Eastern Europe. In addition, Dr. Bretherton has written and published numerous books, and among many honors received the 2013 Michael Ramsey Prize for Theological Writing. His more recent research focused on the intersections between Christianity, radical democracy, globalization, responses to poverty, and patterns of inter-faith relations. 

The subject of the evening was “Christianity & Contemporary Politics:  The Conditions and Possibilities of Faithful Witness”.  Our parish and the surrounding community were invited to attend.  All proceeds benefit the greater mission of the church.

The Simons Lecture Series is a ministry of this church which remembers the legacy and gifts of the Rev. Harrison Simons, the longest serving rector at St. Stephen’s.  Harrison’s passion for the bookstore ministry and his community involvement are the foundation for this ministry.  The vision is that once a year, St. Stephen’s will offer an event featuring an inspiring, thought-provoking speaker.  The ministry is rooted in the celebration of and obligation to our faith, church, and the wider community we live-in and serve.  We want each of these three aspects of life to grow and strengthen.  (PLEASE SEE VIDEO LINK ON THE SIMONS LECTURE SERIES PAGE.)


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